Fire and Ice



Once upon a time, far, far away. In the land of fire and ice there lived a dragon named Myrtle.

Myrtle had made a nest for she was with egg. She built her nest slowly and very solid of sturdy cypress branches and thick red mud from the banks of the winding, shimmering river. She had placed it though, in a rather dangerous place. Whether or not this had been her intention or not is certainly uncertain. About half of it perched precariously right on the lip of a very active volcano and the other half was precariously perched on the very edge of a deep, glacial crevasse.

By and by she laid her egg; not just one but two (which was very unusual for dragons). She nursed them and took care of them in the best dragon manner: turning them over once a day and curling her tail around them at night to protect them.

Then came the blessed event. One day she heard a high-pitched peeping and hacking sound from first one egg and then the other. So, in the best mother dragon fashion she stood up on her strong hind legs, spread her wings and flew away.

The baby dragons hacked and they peeped, they hacked harder, they peeped louder in their eggs. They caused such a ruckus that the eggs hopped and danced around in the nest until finally the one that was on the volcano side of the nest hopped over the edge and fell down toward the molten lave! The one on the glacier side hopped and danced until it too fell out of the nest but it fell directly down into the freezing crevasse.

Do not be dismayed nor worried dear friends for the story is not yet over!

“But how can that be” you ask. “One of the eggs fell into a volcano and the other into a crevasse!”

Good question, I will tell you.

It is true the one egg fell into the volcano toward the molten lava and as soon as it hit the burning lava the shell melted away, releasing the baby dragon who flew up to the lip of the volcano and perched there to rest. He was beautiful! The colour of flowing lava and sunsets, all reds, oranges and yellows; as if the sun and earth had made love in a celestial dance just to make this baby dragon.

“Alright” you say, “but what about the other egg? Surely it was dashed to pieces in the glacier crevasse?”

It is true the other egg fell into the frozen crevasse and soon hit the bottom where it instantly froze and burst, like glass, into a thousand sparkling pieces. That baby dragon immediately flew up to the edge of the crevasse and perched there to rest. Oh he was beautiful! The colour of ice and snow, all white and blue as if the moon and earth had lain in each others arms whispering of love and longing to make this baby dragon.

By and by they opened their eyes and saw each other. Dragons being what dragons are, they flew at each other to attack, harm and vanquish what they saw as a threat. The flew at each other with such force that they collided head on, in mid air and fell, spiraling downward, dazed, into their old nest.

Moments, hours, days, eons went by, who can say how long it took for them to come to themselves, to awaken, only to find they had hit each other with such force that their colors had flown onto the other so the red, orange and yellow dragon was now blue and white and the blue and white dragon was now red, orange and yellow! They then looked around them and saw they once again were in their nest, their home from so long ago where they began their journey. They gazed at each other long and hard and finally understood that they were in reality brothers whose differences were only skin deep.

The End


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