Laws, Rules and Regulations

images (3)Ever look up the meaning of “law”? Well I did, and I’ve found that all the definitions of “law” refer to “rules”, “principals” and “regulations”. There is no actual definition for the word “law”. It gets worse if you start looking up the definition of rules, principals and regulations. For “rule” you get “principal” and “regulation” Here they are just repeating themselves for want of an actual definition. For “principal” you get the first or highest in rank or importance … hmm a very subjective definition at best. And we mustn’t forget “regulations”. Here you get … you guessed it, a law or rule. Round and round we go … well the buck (so to speak)stops here. I propose a definition for the word law which almost (not quite, but almost) leaves out the word “rule”. “A “law” is a rule which cannot be bent, broken or ignored”. Haha, see how THAT definition would work for the government and lawyers!


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