Encounter with the First Law

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It is said that all stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. This story, to the contrary has no beginning, no ending and therefore no middle. Thus sending the afore-mentioned definition of story crashing to earth and in so doing acquiring a form for physical existence thereby automatically acquiring a beginning, middle and end. This is mainly due to the popular understanding of the nature of physical existence (at least among the humanoid population of the small blue planet named Earth). Keeping this in mind this story begins thus:

 You exist … you have always existed and you will always exist in some shape or form; can’t do much about that.

 Ho-hum how many times haven’t I heard that? I have innumerable physical and non-physical experiences that I have drawn upon and can continue to draw upon if I choose. Being omnipotent I understand that every experience the universes have to offer is instantly at my beckoned call (so to speak). So, after much consideration, I therefore have decided that I have experienced all that the universes have to offer of any consequence (or at least all the exciting parts). All that really is left that I can see are some minor adjustments, not even actual points of interest, just little flights of fancy as it were in which I have no further interest for they are of no apparent importance.

 Just being … secure in the unconditional love of Source. Existing as one with All That Is … resting … floating … and yet …

 Free will … the worm in the apple, a great gift from the Creator. In many Earth languages “gift” means “a present” but in many others it means “a poison”. Me thinks this is no accident. Granted, free will can be used to give existence spice, to send one into unexpected territories, where a being can discover more of themselves. But make no mistake, at the end of the day free-will will always lead you home. Back to the unconditional love of the Source … resting … floating.

 Now, Source is the source of all that is in the One but there IS another … All That Is Not.

This is the duality which occurred at the moment of The One knowing itself. Just as All That Is or existence if you will, is full of all the things which exist; All That Is Not or non-existence is full of all the things which do not exist. There IS no room for things that exist to move into the realm of non-existence.

 What?! (I cry in astonishment) That sounds suspiciously like a limitation on my free-will! The mere thought that any idea, being or shape can interfere with my free-will causes my very essence to scream in outrage. This is a limitation I cannot allow … therefore I hereby exercise my free-will and choose non-existence … … …

 Hay! What just happened? I chose non-existence, I know I did! Why then do I still exist?

Yes, it’s me alright, reflected in the mirror of reality, I would know that frequency anywhere. All the experiences, all the physical and non-physical existences … yes it’s all there. I don’t understand. I’ve always been supported in every choice I’ve ever made! Why then is my choice for non-existence not supported?

 Wait just a moment … if non-existence is already filled with all the things that don’t exist then for me to move into non-existence something would have to move out to allow room for my essence. Perhaps even be pressed out like the proverbial water-melon seed.

Hmmm … interesting. A new point of interest … the exploration of a new territory which supersedes the desire for non-existence.

 Ummm exciting!

 Alright then, maybe I am supported in my choice, I’ll examine this logically. I am unique; I exist as a very specific frequency and therefore there is no other frequency exactly like mine. Thus then for me to move into non-existence something exactly matching my frequency would have to move out or my essence would not fit. It follows then that because the frequency which comes out of non-existence exactly matches my frequency, it must me!

 Conclusion and end of story … you exist because it is not possible to do otherwise.


The End


PS: By saying non-existence is filled up with all the things that don’t exist one is giving non-existence existence … but that is another story.

author – Florence



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